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Energy Management System - EMSYS

UNICO EMSYS is an easy to use PC based Energy Management Software which can be simultaneously connected to any make or model of Energy meter with RS485/RS232 communication or with Pulse Output

Start controlling your energy costs today with a solution from Unico Automation System.

In today's world, energy and demand costs have a definite impact on your company's bottom line. To be a well-informed energy consumer, you must know how much power you use, what your major loads are, when you use more energy and the Quality of the Power you use.

It's also important to understand the quality of the power you use. Poor power quality reduces productivity and shortens equipment life, which can drive down your company's profits.

UNICO EMSYS comprises of a PC based energy monitoring system networked to various models of energy meter. The software acquires data from all the meters and presents it in various forms at the user’s monitor. UNICO EMSYS is indigenously developed easy to use and user interactive. The process data is available on graphical trends and tabular format.

The software enables the user located anywhere in the network to monitor the energy consumption of the entire plant as also various subsection of the plant in real time.

  • Compare your Energy Consumption against Productivity and determine Efficiency of each department for each of the Product/Batch Produced.
  • Inreface your machine with PLC, to log automatically Production, Running duration and Downtime information.
  • Department Configuration allows you to group metered loads (Add, Subtract or Factor) so as to get Department consumption directly
  • Import production data from your already existing ERP or properatory software.

UNICO EMSYS Supports various Model/Make energy meter, which has RS485/RS232 Interface.

  • Reduces operating manpower due to centralized monitoring.
  • Provides tools to continuously monitor and reduce energy demand & consumption
  • Improves data accuracy
  • Enables protection system integration
  • Identifies inefficient electrical equipment
  • Enables more accurate demand prediction

Reports / Graphs

1. Energy Consumption Report

  • Department wise
  • Hourly
  • Shift wise
  • Weekly
  • Monthly

2. Production Detail

3. Production Vs Energy Comparison

4. Alarm Log

5. Parameter Report

6. Real time Data

7. Real Time Graph with multiparameter

8. Analysis Period wise


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